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Turn every visitor into a Buyer with Eruption

Elevate your sales and supercharge the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads. The Eruption app has consistently boosted conversion rates and increased order volumes.


Let people talk about you on Social Networks

With Eruption you can make your customers micro-influencers who advertise for you on social networks. This allows you to offer a discount in exchange for a post about you. You decide the discount limit based on your parameters. The result is that their friends/followers will be able to discover your products through a friend's post (UGC), which is much more effective than an advertising campaign.


Built to drive growth for stores

Increase sales with discounts, promote sharing for enhanced visibility, transform visitors into leads, and optimize your Facebook ads.

Add To Cart

Quickly encourage adding items to the cart with an attractive discount offer for your visitors.


After sharing, the visitor promotes your shop to all their friends and becomes a Lead for your Facebook Ads.


The user makes the purchase with the earned discount. Both you and your customer will be happier.


Lead Generation

Effortlessly profile your website traffic by downloading user data from your control panel. Tracked leads are authentic and can be exported in a CSV file already compatible with Facebook Ads, offering a significant advantage for boosting sales.

Traffic Profiling

Easily profile your website traffic

Authentic Leads

Ensure authenticity in tracked leads

CSV Compatibility

Leads in a CSV compatible with Facebook Ads

Optimized Ads

Utilize valuable information for optimized Facebook Ads


Elevate Your Store's Reach and Revenue Beyond Limits

Discover how Eruption transforms stores into thriving hubs of engagement, amplifying reach, boosting sales, and cultivating a goldmine of leads. Join over 10,000 of successful retailers who've harnessed Eruption's power

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  • 50 M+


  • 700 M+ $


  • 30 M+


  • 25 M+


Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been compiled based on queries commonly raised by fellow merchants. As you explore the information, you'll find answers to questions similar to those posed by other business owners. These inquiries encompass various aspects of Eruption's features, benefits, and the overall impact it can have on your ecommerce store. Dive in to discover insights and solutions that address the concerns shared by merchants like yourself.

Eruption is an innovative app, tailored based on common queries from fellow merchants. It seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce store, facilitating social sharing, lead collection, and improved Facebook ads campaigns.

Eruption has been shaped by real merchant inquiries, having successfully boosted sales and conversion rates for over 10,000 ecommerce stores. It amplifies your online presence by encouraging social sharing and collecting leads.

Eruption's versatility ensures compatibility with various ecommerce platforms, including Shopify. Continuous efforts are made to expand compatibility for the benefit of our diverse user base.

Eruption, crafted from the questions of fellow merchants, collects leads through social media shares. The app captures crucial customer information, such as names and emails, creating a robust database for Facebook ads campaigns.

Eruption, born from the frequent questions of merchants, has led to significant increases in conversion rates, order volume, and overall sales. The app's unique features empower your marketing efforts and yield tangible results.

Installation is straightforward, designed with insights from fellow merchants. Our support team is readily available to assist you, we are at your disposal both by e-mail and chat.

Eruption, shaped by merchant inquiries, enhances Facebook ads campaigns by providing a pool of authentic leads collected through social sharing. This targeted approach ensures your ads reach a receptive audience, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

Yes, Eruption comes with analytics features, answering questions commonly asked by merchants, allowing you to monitor its performance. Track social shares, lead acquisition, and other key metrics to assess the app's impact on your store's success.

Eruption, inspired by the frequent questions of merchants, stands out for its proven effectiveness, user-friendly design, and compatibility with various ecommerce platforms. Success stories from thousands of installations highlight its unique value in boosting online sales and marketing strategies.